Every workplace

needs a dyslexic or ten.

Problem solver. Lateral thinker. Emotionally intelligent.
Creative. Intuitive. Empathic.

People with dyslexia have the kind of strengths that help an organisation be more dynamic, innovative and forward-thinking. All it takes, with the help of HR and DEI, is the support our workplace programs provide. That’s the advantage of doing things differently.

Illustrated group of people

Our research tells a story

Did you know dyslexics make up the largest neurodivergent group?


Of Australians have dyslexia


Aren't disagnoised until adulthood


Are underemployed


Don't feel psychologically safe to disclouse




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I had the pleasure of selecting Shae Marie Wissell to be a guest speaker for a recent conscious inclusion training session run by AcademyGlobal for staff from a NSW Government Department. It was a delight to work with Shae on the preparation for this session. She rapidly understood the Department’s needs and created a presentation with relevant examples that resonated with the audience. During the session, Shae articulately outlined the many facets of neurodiversity and their interconnectivity. She integrated her extensive research of dyslexia in adult workplace, with her lived experiences of dyslexia and dysgraphia through personal stories. The audience highly valued the insight Shae provided on the challenges faced, and the types of considerations necessary to empower neurodiverse individuals to thrive in society and in the workplace. Most importantly, she highlighted the benefits of embracing the unique skills that neurodiverse individuals contribute. She powerfully discussed these areas within the workplace context, as well as their impact on the Department’s customers. I would highly recommend Shae to design and deliver workplace programs on inclusion and neurodiversity. She would be a valuable consultant to work with your organisation to develop strategies to support your customers and employees, as well as unlock the power of the neurodiverse perspectives and skills

Fiona Maggs Principal Facilitator / Trainer AcademyGlobal

Dear Shae, I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude for your outstanding presentation at the Learning Conference, workshop, Understanding and Supporting Dyslexic students in the Classroom and Beyond, an interactive session co-developed by Dr Judith Hudson and facilitated by yourself, was truly inspiring and left a lasting impression on attendees providing a great framework for us to continue to build on engagement and inclusivity at WCC. You encouraged us to think about how to better include and engage all students. Your insights and strategies will undoubtedly help us to create more engaged and inclusive classrooms and to better support our diverse student population. Your presentation was both informative and motivating, and I know that many of us left the workshop feeling inspired and empowered to make positive changes in our teaching practice. I want to personally thank you for your contributions to the conference and for your dedication to helping educators become more effective in their work. Your presentation was a highly valued, and we are all grateful for the time and effort you put into preparing and delivering such an insightful workshop. Once again, thank you for your inspiring presentation. I look forward to applying the strategies you shared and continuing to learn from your expertise in the future.

Ms Connie Faranda, Assistant Principal, Wyndham Central College

"This week also included International Day of People with Disability. Thank you to our Disability and Wellness Network for organising a fantastic panel event on this day recognised around the world to increase awareness, understanding and acceptance of people with a disability and celebrate their achievements and contributions. I was struck by the courage of the guest speaker Shae Wissell from the Dear Dyslexic Foundation who shared her personal story about their experiences in the workplace and tips on how to be more inclusive of colleagues with a disability".

Secretary Dr Heather Smith PSM
Department of Industry, Innovation and Science, Canberra

I just wanted to reach out to you because I honestly feel that if it wasn’t for our sessions, I wouldn't have had the belief that I could complete a Master’s degree. I joined so many dyslexic community pages for resources for myself. I then had the privilege to meet you. Up until that point, I didn’t know anyone with dyslexia who was in academia. Talking to you and hearing all that you had achieved, and the strategies we discussed allowed and motivate me to pursue my master's. I can say I have officially completed my master’s degree and now working as an accredited exercise physiologist! I just wanted to say thank you. You really inspired me and instilled belief in me and those words of ‘Your superpower might be resilience and persistence’ have since stuck with me and always will. Thank you for not only inspiring myself but other dyslexics. I wish I had someone like you advocating for me from primary school.

Michael Eleftheriadis

"Thanks so much for your invaluable advice through the BV mentoring program. Your knowledge and understanding of the not-for profit sector and a small community organisation like ours has been so beneficial. We now have many practical, relevant and achievable tasks and goals thanks to your expertise. I am so grateful that they matched us with you as a mentor! "

Bright Food Co-op

"Thank you for taking the time to prepare for us such an extraordinary, wonderful presentation, that was flawless.

European Public Health webinar