Funding for dyslexics and employers

We are here to create inclusive environments that enable adults with dyslexia to live healthier, happier and more connected lives. Our mission is to help the world to better understand, value and support dyslexics.

 re:think NeuroInclusion

Funding support to for dyslexic employees and employers


The Facts

  • At least 1 in 10 employees are dyslexic, you may not know it and they might not know it either!
  • Dyslexics make up 50% of the neurodivergent workforce.
  • Over 50% don’t feel psychologically safe to disclose their difficulties in the workplace.
  • 57% aren’t diagnosed until adulthood.
  • When unsupported in the workplace dyslexics face higher levels of job stress leading to job burnout.

Lead the Change

At re:think dyslexia, we are committed to doing things differently by creating inclusive environments that enable adults with dyslexia to live healthier, happier, and more connected lives. As an internationally award winning, neurodivergent and women-lead social enterprise, our capacity to achieve this mission comes from our extensive lived experience and knowledge in the field of dyslexia, coaching including learning and development, organisational development, employee engagement and research.

What we do know

Job access model

We help you to re:think what neuroInclusion looks like in your workplace. We develop a deep understanding of how businesses work and how we can help them engage with all levels of their organisation to achieve success. It’s our passion. Our extensive experience moves individuals from curiosity to commitment. That’s what sets us apart. We build close partnerships with our clients and believe strong partnerships foster shared success. This builds confidence and trust and enables us to deliver quality results every time. We help you to see the big picture, which supports companies to be agile into the future.

Our work is developed and delivered by those with a lived experience of dyslexia and other neurodivergence. Our approach is grounded in evidence-based research conducted in partnership with La Trobe University. We are committed to staying at the forefront of knowledge in this field and to continue adapting and refining our work to ensure we are effective and relevant. Supporting you across the employment life cycle from recruitment to career progression are programs include:

NeuroInclusion Recruitment Program (partially funded by Job Access): It’s Your responsibility and we are here to help.  Workplaces are mandated to recruit people with disabilities. Many workplaces struggle with the effective recruitment of neurodivergent individuals, leading to missed opportunities and or failure to meet contractual requirements. Meet your obligations and tap into the hidden potential of neurodivergent employees by supporting your new neurodivergent recruits during the first 90 days to ensure they are set up for success.

NeuroInclusion Organisational Development Program (fully funded through Job Access): Tab into Funding, we can show you how.  Organisations are not utilising available federal funding to support neurodivergent employees, resulting in a lack of awareness and access to necessary support. Inclusivity measure that leads to increased productivity and reduces the risk of job burnout by providing on-the-job one to one support to neurodivergent employees and workplace training.

You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know Program (partially funded by Job Access): But we know psychological safety drives success.  Organisations are mandated to mitigate psychosocial hazards. 50% of dyslexic employees don’t feel safe to disclose their difficulties. Leaving many dyslexics vulnerable and organisations at risk of litigation. This program aims to reduce psychosocial hazards by creating a safe environment for neurodivergent employees to seek help and thrive.

Find out more about this program below:

Information for dyslexics

Information for employers



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I just wanted to reach out to you because I honestly feel that if it wasn’t for our sessions, I wouldn't have had the belief that I could complete a Master’s degree. I joined so many dyslexic community pages for resources for myself. I then had the privilege to meet you. Up until that point, I didn’t know anyone with dyslexia who was in academia. Talking to you and hearing all that you had achieved, and the strategies we discussed allowed and motivate me to pursue my master's. I can say I have officially completed my master’s degree and now working as an accredited exercise physiologist! I just wanted to say thank you. You really inspired me and instilled belief in me and those words of ‘Your superpower might be resilience and persistence’ have since stuck with me and always will. Thank you for not only inspiring myself but other dyslexics. I wish I had someone like you advocating for me from primary school.

Michael Eleftheriadis
Coaching Client

"Shae has been invaluable to my business and the creative and practical processes. She has made it feel achievable and given me direction in challenging times. She has felt like a dear friend in the process. Gentle, honest, and vulnerable but visionary within healthy boundaries. She knows that a business isn't just a business, from her own personal experiences. She has helped me make many big and important decisions. I know I wouldn't be where I am now without her expertise. Deepest gratitude."

Romy Renzow
Coaching Client: Birthspace

"I feel very fortunate to have had Shae Wissell assigned as my mentor under the Victorian Chamber Business Recovery and Resilience Mentoring Scheme. Not only was Shae knowledgeable and helpful about almost any business topic I broached, but she was also tremendously approachable and always had something valuable and insightful to offer. After each session, Shae left me feeling inspired, motivated, and grateful (and equipped with resources)! I can’t recommend Shae enough as a compassionate, relatable, and knowledgeable coach who was genuinely invested in helping me achieve my business goals and dreams."

Hayley Ward
Coaching client: Proof Write

“Shae has been a wonderful Mentor helping me to ensure my business survives following the Covid-19 Pandemic. I have learnt invaluable insights into finding ways to be resilient within the business by utilising marketing strategies and finding ways to look after myself to reduce stress levels. Thank you Shae for your brilliance! 😊”

Tracy Visser
Coaching client: Core Strength Health and Wellness

"Dear Shae Thanks you for sharing your buisness wisdom and foresight with me. You have a natural ability to help. AS discussed, my latest buisness venture has put me unchartered deep waters and at times I questioned it and my own abilities thus it was refreshing to conenct with you. With your help and input I am now back in control. Thank you so much "

John Ciccia
Coaching client: Goodwill Choice