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We are here to create inclusive environments that enable adults with dyslexia to live healthier, happier and more connected lives. Our mission is to help the world to better understand, value and support dyslexics.

Did you know that 10% of Australian employees are dyslexic?

is means that 1 in 10 Australian workers need additional support in their day-to-day activities. How equipped is your business to meet these challenges?

Unlock the full potential of your dyslexic employees with our comprehensive wraparound service has never been easier. At re:think dyslexia, we understand the unique strengths and challenges that dyslexic individuals bring to the workplace. That’s why we offer a range of tailored solutions to support both you and your dyslexic employees. Empower your employees to reach their full potential with our customized training solutions. Whether you’re looking for in-person training or online options, we have the expertise to meet your needs.

Our Interactive Workshops equip yourself and your team with the knowledge and skills necessary to create an inclusive and supportive work environment. Find out how you can access government funding support through the rethinking inclusion program funded through the federal government  Job Access Program.  Choose from our workshop offerings:

  • Empowering Employment: UnderstandingDyslexia
  • Neurodivergence in the workplace
  • Inclusive Recruitment Practices for Dyslexics
  • Harnessing Assistive Technologies for Enhanced Productivity
  • Empowering Managers for Success: Embracing Dyslexic Talent in the Workplace
  • Creating Inclusive Workplaces: Accommodations for Dyslexic Employees
  • Thriving Minds: Nurturing Mental Health and Empowering Dyslexic Employees in the Workplace
  • Launching Futures: Smooth Transitions for Students with Dyslexia into the Workplace

Download Rethink Dyslexia Workshop Brochure including learning outcomes for each workshop.

Our training is delivered through a variety of methods, including coaching, keynote speaking, presentations, half-day and full-day workshops, webinars, and eLearning courses. All of our offerings are based on evidence-based research conducted in partnership with La Trobe University.

From recruitment to career progression, we work across the employment life cycle to help employers better understand and support the needs of their neurodivergent employees. Partner with re:think dyslexia to cultivate a workplace culture that values diversity, embraces inclusivity and unleashes the true potential of your dyslexic employees. By investing in their growth and well-being, you not only enhance productivity but also foster a supportive and thriving work environment for all.

Ready to empower your team? Contact us today to discuss how our wraparound services and workshops can transform your organisation into a dyslexia-friendly workplace. Together, we can redefine success and re:think dyslexia.

Here is a sample of some of Shae’s recent work. Shae partnered with Frazer Jones who hosted a panel discussion with Angela FranksSally Close and Katrina North about dyslexia in the workplace and ways we can better support dyslexic employees.


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From the outset it was clear that Shae is passionate about educating people about dyslexia and how to make our environment more inclusive so that all students can succeed. Shae’s presentations were informed by research and her own experiences which made our time together more authentic. The staff were engaged the whole time and the feedback was very positive about how practical the information/ strategies suggested were. Very worthwhile PL.."

Shane Fuller
Assistant Principal, Elizabeth College, Hobart

"Thank you so much for your session on Monday, honestly it was so informative, I had really positive feedback from lots of people afterwards. You made it interesting and relatable! I’ve sent the extra resources you sent over out internally too"

Emily Walker​
Octopus Investments Australia