Strengthening Difference: Supporting young dyslexics transitioning into the workplace
The Strength of Difference: Supporting Young Dyslexics Transitioning into the Workplace

Transform barriers into bridges for young people with Dyslexia, addressing stigma creating opportunities and fostering an environment where their unique abilities are recognised and valued in the workplace.

Join us for a compelling session on ‘The Strength of Difference’, featuring Dr Shae Marie Wissell and the Victroian LEarn Local Employment Network and discover ways to support young people with dyslexia and learn strategies to create more inclusive workplaces. Don’t miss out on the chance to rethink dyslexia and embrace diversity.Job access funding support for dyslexic employees

  • Online
  • Friday, 19th January
  • 12:30-1:30 PM

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QR code for Strength of Difference lunch and learn with re:think dyslexia and VicLLENs

Join our Dear Dyslexic on Facebook Community for young people and adults. The aim of this group is to provide peer support, information, resources and to bring together adults with dyslexia, and those who support them, whether it be partners, family and friends, employers, higher education and adult educators, researchers or health professionals.  We are here to talk about all thing’s dyslexia!