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These terms apply when you access and use the re:think dyslexia website and social media presences. It applies in addition to any terms which otherwise apply to the social media platforms that you may interact with us on.

Information is general information only

Information that we post, including any advice offered, is for general information only and is not diagnostic or intended to recommend any particular therapy.

The information does not constitute and is not a substitute for professional or medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. We suggest that you seek assistance from a medical practitioner or another qualified health professional in relation to any questions you may have regarding health, mental health and development for yourself, your child/ren and your family.

What we expect of you

Re:think dyslexia is an interactive, inclusive and supportive place for all members to share their experiences. We welcome and encourage open discussion and comment.

Your thoughts are always welcome, including when you want to share criticism. However, our forums are intended as a supportive environment for those with dyslexia, parents, families, professionals and the general community.

In light of that, we expect that your comments and posts will always be respectful. Further, when posting information, we ask that you:

  • act responsibly and respectfully;
  • not submit content that:
    • includes any unsolicited messages or any offensive, inflammatory, defamatory, threatening, abusive, hateful, racist, obscene, fraudulent, deceptive or otherwise unlawful information;
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    • personally identifies any other person.

Offensive content may be removed

Comments and posts that are inappropriate, offensive, abusive, bullying, or which unreasonably upset our community, we may delete it at our discretion. If you repeatedly post inappropriate material your account will be deleted.


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You may use material from our website for personal or educational purposes, provided that:

  • the material is clearly branded Re:think dyslexia, and an acknowledgment and appropriate referencing is prominently displayed.
  • the material is not altered, linked to, reused, further reproduced, or distributed.


  1. You agree:
    1. to maintain any information that is confidential or proprietary in nature or is designated as such (including without limitation the software, source code, technology, tools, processes, functional specifications and technical materials on which the Site is based) which you access via the Site in strict confidence at all times; and
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Disclaimer for content on linked sites

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