re:think dyslexia Director Dr Shae Wissell win award for her research
Dr Shae Wissell with her daughter after being award a Highly Commended for her research Dyslexia the hidden disability in the workplace.

 I’m proud to have recently been awarded a Highly Commended for my research Dyslexia: The Hidden Disability in the Workplace.Dr Shae Wissell recieves a Highly Commended for my research Dyslexia:The Hidden Disability in the Workplace. from Learning Difficulties Australia

This is Australia’s first research that investigates the lived experience of working Australians with dyslexia. Although in 10 Australians are dyslexic and we make up the largest Neurodiversity population no research until now has been undertaken to look at what happens to us as we transition into adulthood and the workplace.
This internationally published research r is significant as it highlights for the first time the systematic barriers Australian adults face in adulthood, particularly in the workplace.
I am so pleased this work has been acknowledged in Australia by Learning Difficulties Australia. We hope to continue researching adulthood dyslexia on a global scale because nobody should ever be left behind because they have dyslexia!
Thank you to my amazing family especially my mum who sadly isn’t here to see this, I know you are watching somewhere mum. To my supervisors Tanya Serry, Lelia Karimi, Judith Hudson and Lisa Furling, La Trobe University,  the participants in the research and the dyslexic community for their ongoing support and trust in the work that I continue to do.
Artwork by @kimpercyartist another amazing dyslexic PhD researcher.
Shae recieves a Highly Commended for my research Dyslexia:The Hidden Disability in the Workplace from Learning Difficulties Australia


Watch Shae’s presentation on her research below.

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