Question Dys: Pilot at Amanda’s Adventures

The Question Dys Series has been established to help young people and adults with dyslexia. Shae hosts a Q&A session with fellow dyslexics about all things dyslexia and life.

It’s always so wonderful to talk to a fellow dyslexic and tonight is no exception. In this free Q & A session, I speaks with Amanda Harrison who is an experienced pilot with a demonstrated history of working in the aviation industry. Skilled in Flight Planning, Air Charter, Aviation, Adventure Pilot and live life to full.

In May 2019, Amanda paid tribute to Amy Johnson, a true aviation hero, by following in her footsteps and flying solo from London, UK to Darwin, Australia in just 19 days in my vintage Tiger Moth. It was her first major adventure since being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2017 which included treatment, surgeries and most importantly healing in 2018.

Find out more about Amanda and her flying adventures and her work on Dyslexic-Ability.