Question Dys: Autumn O’Conner

The Question Dys Series has been established to help young people and adults with dyslexia. Shae hosts a Q&A session with fellow dyslexics about all things dyslexia and life.

Autumn O’Connor is an autistic twice-exceptional (gifted) adult with dyslexia and dyscalculia, holding also a diagnosis of anxiety and dysthymia. She only received her autism diagnosis later in life (age 37). Her special interests are teddy bears, candy and landscape gardening. But her major passion is helping others achieve.  Autumn likes studying and has a range of qualifications including a Master of Counselling and Psychotherapy, Graduate Diploma in Counselling, Bachelor of Arts, and a teaching and education certificate.  Autumn has extensive experience as a psychotherapist, mentor, small business owner and also has experience in fashion modelling. She currently is also the executive editor for Untapped, where she manages a large team of neurodiverse creatives, nurturing their strengths and building their skills.  No stranger to her own psychological exploration, she believes in the power of therapy and the goodness of self-inquiry work.