Money Beliefs: Overcoming Generational Trauma with Marnie LeFevre on The Hobo CEO Epi 6
Money Beliefs: Overcoming Generational Trauma with Marnie LeFevre on The Hobo CEO Epi 6

 The Hobo CEO Podcast Episode 6

Shifting our Money Mindset with Marnie LeFevre, Fempire


In this episode from their ongoing conversation, Shae speaks with entrepreneur Marnie LeFevre from “Fempire” openly about money and our belief systems surrounding it. Shae and Marnie share useful tips to help with change our mindset and begin healing that generational trauma plaguing our finances to reach our full potential.

We hope you enjoy this latest episode as much as Shae did learning about money belief systems and how we can all re-evaluate and change the way we view and manage our money in everyday life and in our businesses.

More about Marnie

Marnie’s is the Marnie LeFevre Founder and CEO of Fempire. With experience in marketing and business, she worked for entrepreneurial heavyweights like Richard Branson, and renowned conglomerates like British Telecom. She has also lived, worked or studied in countries as diverse as Japan, the USA, Australia, Canada, the UK and South Korea, forging a unique pathway that opened a wealth of possibilities for an aspiring female leader and offered diverse opportunities that led to Marnie establishing businesses all over the world in many different industries.

Following the success of several businesses, Marnie went on to write a #1 bestselling business book for women, speak on stages globally on business and leadership, and launch Fempire, a business and leadership coaching company for women.

We hope you enjoy this episode as Shae and Marnie did sharing their experiences of the ups and downs of becoming successful businesswomen.

  • This episode may contain sensitive discussions if you find any of this content distressing, seek support:
    Life Line on 13 11 14
    BeyondBlue counsellor on 1300 22 4636

I’m Dr Shae Wissell and you have been listening to the Hobo CEO Podcast. Head to to find out more about today’s guest speaker.

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