Celebrating Dr Shae Wissell’s Global Diversity and Inclusion Award 2023
Dr Shae Wissell winner of the 2023 globally Diversity and Inclusion awards

Dr Shae Wissell winner of the 2023 globally Diversity and Inclusion awardsWe are thrilled our director Dr Shae Wissell has won the Women’s Business Club Global Diversity and Inclusion Award for my businesses re:think dyslexia and the Dear Dyslexic Foundation. Thank you to everyone who voted for Shae.

This award recognizes our work to support dyslexics and their workplaces through training, capacity building and workplace redesign, dyslexic screening, peer support programs, podcasts and Australian first research in the workplace, which is being recognised internationally!

What a way to end a super busy year with 3 awards across research, workplace coaching and women in 2023. It is a testament to our work and the amazing team that works and consults with us Judith Hudson, Sally Close, Kim Percy and Nicci Richman with significant support and collaboration with Carmel Riley, CRSE Group Pty Ltd.

As a social enterprise, we continue to break through glass ceilings as women in business with our lived experiences. We need more dyslexic leaders and businesses stepping out and shining!



Join our Dear Dyslexic on Facebook Community for young people and adults. The aim of this group is to provide peer support, information, resources and to bring together adults with dyslexia, and those who support them, whether it be partners, family and friends, employers, higher education and adult educators, researchers or health professionals.  We are here to talk about all thing’s dyslexia!