The Hobo CEO Podcast Episode 2 with Dr Katy Abbott
The HOBO CEO podcast epi 2 out now

Episode 2 with Dr Katy Abbott

Dr Katy Abbott talking on her work and entrepreneurshipIn this episode, Shae speaks with Dr Katy Abbott about all things life as a neurodivergent entrepreneur.  Katy is an experienced Composer, Educator, The Artists’ Mentor. She is an artist who uses music to tell stories of heart and courage. In my artist mentoring role, I support established artists across disciplines to vibrant, long-term careers that have meaning, momentum and impact. Her compositions are performed, published and recorded around the world; she has five solo discs of her work on ABC Classics and MOVE records.
Katy is a Senior Lecturer in Composition at the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music and founder of The Artists’ Mentor, where she supports artists across disciplines to build vibrant, long-term sustainable careers that have meaning and impact. She does this through her 6-month Virtual Residency Program, CATAPULT. 
We hope you enjoy this podcast with some excellent suggestions on how to manage work while living with ADHD.





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