Exhibition Opening, supporting dyslexic researchers in the arts
Kim Percy (she/her) Artist. Designer. Curator. Lecturer PhD Candidate

Supporting our fellow dyslexics in the arts and research!

Kim Percy is an amazing talented dyslexic artist and PhD researcher.

Her Melbourne exhibition will be opening in May and features her PhD work to date and a celebration of neurodiversity from the viewpoint of an artist. I have broken the exhibition into four series based on the four elements:

  • Fire  – titled ‘The Swing’, illuminated lightbox photos
  • Water – titled ‘Finding Difference’, video
  • Air – titled ‘Solace’, photos

Together, they explore the struggles related to growing up in a language-based world, the experience of the emotional oscillation of being dyslexic, the search for acceptance and the celebration of difference.

Thursday, May 11th

6pm – 8:30 pm

Sol Gallery

420 Brunswick St

Fitzroy https://solgallery.com.au/

Learning more about our research project  here

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