Neurodivergent young people, parents and secondary schools


Job access model

re:think Inclusion Program

Access funding that supports young people transitioning into the workplace.

This program, supported by the Federal government Job Access initiative, is designed to empower you to succeed in the workplace.

Woman and man having a online coaching session

One-One Coaching

Do things differently.

 1:1 coaching for young neurodivergent people needing support transitioning out of school into TAFE, higher education and the workplace,  we have you covered.


Shae supporting a client

 Dyslexia Screening

Disrupting the norm.

re:think dyslexia we understand assessments can be cost-prohibitive and we don’t want anyone missing out. That is why we have teamed up with Dystech to provide online dyslexia screening services.

rethink dyslexia secondary school training

Workshops for secondary schools

Stay ahead of the curve.

We have a number of workshops to support you the teacher and young people with dyslexia.

Job access model

Workshops for neurodivergent students and parents

You don’t have to go it alone.

Group programs and workshops to empower young people in schools and their parents.

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Our free resources

Unlock our resources for adults with dyslexia, including podcasts, blogs and more.