Empowering Dyslexic Employees for Success presentation
Shae presenting at the define your wellness live

Supporting dyslexics in the workplace

Shae pulled herself out of bed at 3am today to feature as a guest on the You Define Wellness show with Densie O’Mally who is based in Colorado, USA.
In this enlightening talk, Shae explored the power of nurturing talent and empowering dyslexic employees for success in the workplace. Gain a deeper understanding of dyslexia and the unique strengths and perspectives it brings. Discover strategies to create inclusive environments, tap into the untapped potential of dyslexic individuals, and unleash their creativity and problem-solving abilities. This session aims to inspire organizations to embrace neurodiversity, foster an inclusive culture, and unlock the full potential of their workforce by empowering dyslexic employees to thrive and contribute meaningfully.
We hope you enjoy this conversation about dyslexia in the workplace and learn how to nurture talent and harness the power of diversity for a more inclusive and successful workplace.



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