Dyslexia Screen for adults

At re:think dyslexia we understand assessments can be cost-prohibitive and we don’t want anyone missing out. That is why we have teamed up with Dystech to provide online dyslexia screening services in combination with a validated Bangor Dyslexia Test administered by one of our psychologists.

Adult Dyslexia Screening Service

As a person who wasn’t diagnosed until my late 20s, I finally had an understanding of what was wrong with me, which helped me to get the support I needed at university. My diagnosis has also helped me to explain to employers that I have difficulties in some areas, but reassure them that I have the skills and support that I need to complete the work that they need.

It’s important not to let your diagnosis become a psychological barrier: where you are the disability, rather than the disability being just a part of you. After my diagnosis, I grieved for what I felt I had missed if only I had been diagnosed earlier. I went through anger, depression and frustration before I got to:

Acceptance – I still struggle with this, but I have accepted that I see the world a little differently to other people and that’s what makes the world go round. (And I still have bad days where I ring my mum and cry about it!)

Please note: This service is only to provide a Dyslexia Screen and report only and does not constitute a full learning disability/dyslexia assessment. We do not provide full assessments, however, where needed from this data we can make recommendations for a full assessment and can refer you to our partnering psychology services in Melbourne and recommendations in other states and territories.