Dyslexia: Insights into the hidden disability in and out of the workplace coming soon
Dr Shae Wissell latest book Dyslexia: Insights inot the hidden disability in and out of work

Coming October 2024  Dyslexia: Insights into the hidden disability in and out of the workplace

I’m so thrilled to announce my second book will be out in October a seven-year project based on my thesis #research with La Trobe Uni and my lived experience of adulthood dyslexia. A first for Australia!
This book aims to give a voice to the dyslexic journey into adulthood and what life is really like for us living with this underrepresented and under-acknowledged condition.
For too long our dyslexic voices have been hidden and we must change this if we are going to have a fairer, just society where those with dyslexia can thrive.
A huge thank you to all of the participants who openly shared their stories and entrusted me to share them through our research and this book and to my supervisors Tanya A. Serry, PhD Leila Karimi Judith Hudson and Lisa Furlong for supporting my research.
To Karen Weaver Author KMD BOOKS for believing in the importance of this work and helping me get it out into the world and to Kim Percy an amazing artist, friend and PhD student researching dyslexia in visual arts. Kim designed this cover with me. Your work is phenomenal!
Most of all to my beautiful Mum who never got to see the final part of this long journey and my family for always standing by my side.
I can’t wait to share this with everyone during dyslexia awareness month in October. You can pre-order your copy now.