Diversity of thought and Dyslexia at work webinar
Image of Angela Franks from Frazer Jones, Shae Wissell, Sally Close and Katrina North promotion of Dyslexia in workplace webinar

Diversity of thought and dyslexia at work.

In this webinar, Shae partnered with Frazer Jones who hosted a panel discussion with s with  Angela FranksSally Close and Katrina North about dyslexia in the workplace and ways we can better support dyslexic employees.

During this panel discussion topics covered included:  

  • What is dyslexia?
  • Signs of dyslexia that may be observed in the workplace
  • Managing dyslexia and neurodiversity in the workplace
  • How to create a more inclusive and supportive workplace for employees with different learning styles

This webinar was attended by those working in Inclusion and diversity, HR and manager and leadership roles from all over the world.  

We hope you enjoy this thought-provoking conversation and if you need help in your workplace in supporting your dyslexic employess then contact us today at hello@rethinkdyslexia.com.au 

Join our Dear Dyslexic Community on Facebook.  This group has been set up to talk about all things dyslexia, to provide peer support to those who are dyslexic. This is an open, safe forum free from discrimination, but not free from spelling or grammar mistakes!